Friday, September 19, 2014

Relaxing & Refreshing Get Away

            While you're debating on whether or not to experience Pine Ridge Beach & Golf Escape let me tell you one of my favorite experiences while being there.
Yoga has recently become a big fad and for good reason.  It not only helps with improvement of your health, but also takes the most stressful person you may know and turns them into a relaxing, namaste-ing, yogi within an hour.  I know this from experience.  If you want to meet a stressful person, just look to me. 
One escape that most people don't know about is Destin Yoga by the Sea.  It was the most relaxing and beautiful experience that I have ever had.  If you have the chance you must experience it.  Whether you're a newby or fully experienced in the yoga practice, you'll love it.  Stretching, breathing, and energizing yourself underneath a pavilion on the beach or sometimes they even do the classes on the beach, you will want to go back for more every time you visit.  

To experience this on your great escape, it's just a couple miles down from Pine Ridge Beach & Golf Escape.  Ask us for any information and we will help direct you to your relaxing refreshing get away. We would love to help you!

Katie T.

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