Friday, October 31, 2014

Pine Ridge Update!

We recently took a trip down to our rental to do some extra work to prepare for rental use! We did so many updates and we are so excited to share! 

First we bought all new 40'' flat screen TV's for every room.  So yes, that is a total of three new TV's!  

We then called in floor cleaning experts to really scrub and clean up the carpets and tile floors.  They are sparkly and beautiful now.

As a final touch besides buying all new towels and sheets, we decided to update and re-do the master bedroom and here is what we did!

We took these old lamps that were there originally (pictured below) and repainted them.  Then bought  beautiful new updated lamp shades to go with it.  We also decided to buy a new comforter, decor pillows, and throw.  I think the new look is fresh and inviting.  What do you think?

We also previously did a lot of change to the living area.  Take a look at these huge transformations! 

I hope you will book with us soon! Our home away from home is waiting for you!